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For years, Point Blank has been recognized as one of the top innovators in ballistic vests and body armor. The straps suspend the ballistic panels, not the carrier that holds the ballistic panels. Nevertheless, the Alpha Elite Series has a new, additional comfortable, reduced profile way to access the shoulder straps to armor connection. Other officers undo each side straps and one particular of the shoulder straps and eliminate the armor and carrier like a buttoned shirt—yes, to avoid dragging the armor over their face and hair. Nevertheless, a single major area of comfort and wearability has remained pretty much ignored—the oft-overlooked carrier.

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You keep in mind Dover – the Air Force base where George Bush and his buddies decided that America couldn’t be reminded that her sons and daughters had given the last complete measure of devotion in the line of duty, possibly simply because it turned out that that duty wasn’t truly to America like they have been told it would be, but as an alternative was to ExxonMobil and BP and Halliburton and Blackwater and DynCorp, and America would not be delighted to be reminded that her sons and daughters had died not to make America safe but to enhance the quarterly report of some fatcat whose corporation almost certainly could not be bothered to spend a thing as unpatriotic and trivial as earnings taxes, when America’s sons and daughters had paid the ultimate cost in order to fatten his portfolio. When ordering please leave a comment of the Serial Quantity of your armor Or PACA serial number so that we can order the proper size for you. The following year-and-a-half was filled with accusations of unfair testing, with subterfuge and with hyperbole, as many factions argued that their position was proper and that their physique armor was the most effective. The T-shirt Carrier” design has been enhanced to remove the edges of the vest from being visible, providing the ultimate in an ultra-covert carrier.

Outstanding buyer service is essential to Point Blank’s success and central to our organization technique. The Army inked a new armor contract with Point Blank in May possibly to provide 75,000 of its updated Improved Outer Tactical Vest” – a much more contemporary armor system that is lighter and offers extra coverage to Soldiers. The plates are definitely very fragile, and prone to breaking in the course of ordinary handling. The congressional district chart shows the obligation amount by district for where Point Blank Body Armor Inc.’s 176 contracts have been performed. My office and I are still waiting for the second report on a related investigation for body armor.

From solution design and style to client satisfaction, and each and every step along the way, Point Blank is committed to making sure total buyer satisfaction. After the formal Government announcement comes we will update this story as according to Point Blank’s personal press release, they have been chosen as a selected supplier” indicating that others may also be awarded. Due to the improved dangers of improvised explosive devices , a newer version of the vital plates and components have been created.

This is a point of contention in the U.S. armed forces, with some favoring less armor in order to retain mobility and other folks wanting as much protection as is sensible. The Alpha Elite Series carrier makes use of new sports wear fabrics and supplies, new tailoring and contouring with much less carrier material, fewer stitches and seams, a superior shoulder strap access, and uncomplicated-to-grasp strap hook tabs. The military recalled the vests only after the Marine Corps Instances story ran, even although the Pentagon had recognized about the problem for practically a year.

Repeated delays of the IOTV Primary Buy” award have hit the armor market challenging, forcing layoffs so it will be welcomed as a sign of a longer-term turn around for that sector. The U.S. has to replace about two/3 of its plate inventory each and every year because of breakage, and the Israel Defense Force identified 30 percent of its SAPIs to be damaged even when sitting in storage and never issued to the field. Completely surrounding the strap to armor connection with the exterior fabric eliminates this doable discomfort.

The new Elite carrier is what happens when you start with an expert in active wear apparel style, give him soft physique armor feedback from officers and distributors, and then a totally free hand in choosing the best sports wear fabrics offered. The Interceptor vest was tested to quit a 9×19mm 124-grain FMJ bullet at 1,400 ft/s with minimal backface deformation, and it has a V-50 of roughly 1,525 ft/s.