Purchase Or Sell Skates & Blades In Ontario

When you’re thinking about obtaining a pair of ice skates, it is essential to initially define what sort of skating you program to do. Just as the word ball” can mean any one of a hundred exceptional forms of balls, the term ice skates” encompasses boots with ice blades for playing hockey, racing, figure skating and ice dancing, or simple recreational skating. Antik recommend going down 2 whole sizes from your Riedell size but I have identified most folks are half a size down from their Riedell size. The chart under has been made with the ‘half a size decrease than Riedell’ in mind. This size chart will assistance you work out your pad size for the triple eight EP55 elbow pads. These charts show the boot size vs plate size that the manufacturer recommends, but professional skaters differ their size to reach unique skate characteristics.